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We are a family run vintage wholesale clothing company based in Buckingham, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom. We specialise in the bulk sale of True Italian vintage and branded clothing ranging from dresses, blouses, skirts, jumpers, coats, etc .


We supply a wide range of customers ranging from online sellers who use platforms such as Depop and Ebay to sell our clothes on, to market traders and brick and mortar stores, as well as resellers we also supply clothing to several large movie sets / wardrobe departments. We have a wide range of customers all with different uses for our vintage clothing lots.

vintage wholesale


Our job starts with getting in the vintage clothing for wholesale, we import a lot of our stock from Italy as we find the Italian vintage tends to be of higher quality than elsewhere, but we use several trusted suppliers that we've found over the years in places such as the UK, America, Italy and other European suppliers. We then unpack the pallets of vintage stock that arrive at our warehouse and check it all over piece by piece for any damage, stains or in rare cases fakes that need removing from our supply. After the stock has been separated and only the quality stock is left we then split it down either in to category for our online orders or put it in to the handpick for our customers who prefer to choose their own pieces. Then its as simple as you either placing your order online or coming down to see us in person to get your hands on this quality vintage stock in bulk. 

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