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Please note the photos are just examples of stock that has gone in previous boxes and represent the style, these are not the exact items you will receive. 
all sizes are either kids or teen sizes.(2-18yrs)
This Mix Is Mostly Branded may include but aren't limited to: Nike, Adidas , Reebok , Ralph Lauren , Tommy Hilfiger , etc.
The type of items may include but aren't limited to: Fleeces, hoodies , sweatshirts . track tops , etc.
This mix will be mostly grade A, please allow for up to 5-10% grade b due to human error when grading.
in 25kg you can expect around 75-85 pieces of clothing.

25kg kids/teens Clothing Sport Mix - £12.5/KG

1 Kilogramm
Please Allow Approx. 1-1.5 Weeks For Pre-ordered Stock!
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